How Is Gravity the Weakest Fundamental Force?

How Is Gravity the Weakest Fundamental Force?

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Now, when I say "weakest fundamental force", I don't mean that as a bad thing. In fact, I think we can all agree that all things have more than one component, and then when you have those components, what are they going to do? And the answer to that question is going to be the strength, the ability to do what it's needed to do. 

Now, when you're thinking about things like Gravity, well, the biggest thing that's stopping it from being stronger is the length of the rod. See, the bigger the object, the longer the rod. If you want to make something bigger, you have to use bigger objects, and that's the nature of gravity, and it's the same thing with humans. 

If you're a big human, that means you have a lot more to deal with, so when we're talking about growing, that's a big difference between a big human and a small human. But, those two different things in themselves are parts of the equation. 

So, let's say you got a person who is a very big fish, but not a wide truck tire. What happens when you try to push him? The fish just grows. 

Of course, I'm saying that you cannot make a big fish grow, but it really isn't as hard as you might think. All you have to do is add something bigger than the fish, but what's that? 

Well, the biggest thing you can ever imagine is the other two-to four-million times bigger than the fish. Then, again, if you add something few-hundred times bigger, then it just keeps growing, and the more you push, the bigger it gets. Now, when you look at some of the things that are used to help humans grow, they're really just hammers. It's no secret, we just go to an area and do the same thing over, which does not create a new angle, because the other two sides of the triangle are the same. 

That means that the weakest fundamental force is just two or four pounds. Then, you can begin to understand the reason why people take an apple, chop it up, grind it, and that's it. Add something bigger than the apple, and you will have a big fish