What Could Be the Origin of Gravity?

What Could Be the Origin of Gravity?

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Gravity has been a topic of great debate for a long time now. It is one of the fundamental principles in physics and has been proven time and again to work. It is one of the most amazing things that have ever been discovered by man. 

There have been many theories and explanations about gravity that have been presented before. The theories are always in conflict with each other. A lot of people think that gravity is an accident, that it does not exist. But then they come to understand that it does exist. 

Gravity is actually one of the many theories about the origin of the universe. It is believed that gravity was created to hold the solar system in place. That's how it came about that the planets revolve around the sun. It was necessary at that time for the solar system to hold itself up. As time went by, it became evident that it wasn't possible for the sun to hold itself up by itself. 

Gravity was necessary for the planets to orbit the sun and it was very important to the survival of the human race as well. There would be no more stars without gravity to hold the planets in their proper orbits. Gravity was also needed to control the moons in the solar system. 

Earth is the only planet that isn't in its orbit around the sun. Therefore, gravity has no effect on it. It doesn't hold the water in the oceans and it doesn't make the snowfall. Gravity acts to draw the air molecules to the earth and causes the land to move in relation to the surface. 

It also causes the tectonic plates to roll over and beneath one another. Thatis what causes earthquakes. It is also responsible for creating volcanoes and tsunamis. 

At one point, in the beginning, gravity did not exist on the earth. But as time went by, it became apparent that it did indeed exist on the earth. It was a very important thing that had to be developed for the sake of mankind and of all the life forms on the earth. 

Many scientific theories have been developed so far about the origin of gravity. Some theories are linked to the rotation of the earth, others to the mass of the moon and still others are linked to the structure of the solar system itself. So it is not exactly known yet how gravity is generated. But it's pretty safe to say that it exists